Health Insurance Tyler, TX

Medical insurance should make you feel confident and secure, not worried. There is nothing worse than paying too much for services you do not need while not having the coverage you really do need. If you are looking for a dependable and affordable individual health insurance plan, you have found it.

At The Gibb Agency, we get the best health insurance quotes from several top providers to find the right policy for you. We will do all the legwork to find you the maximum coverage at a minimum premium.

Long Term Care Insurance 

Some of our clients don’t just need health insurance. They need long term care insurance. Long term care provides coverage that your medical insurance isn’t designed to cover. For example, long term care can reimburse you for daily expenses like hospice care, respite care, assisted living facilities, nursing home expenses, and much more. Give us a call to find out if long term care insurance is right for you.

Small Business Health Insurance Plans in Tyler, TX

What companies love about working with us is that we can put all their plans under one roof, from liability for their businesses to 401K plans for their employees. Health insurance is no exception. If you are a business owner, give us a call and ask about our small business health insurance plans. We will find the best policy for your company that will make your employees feel safe at a cost that allows you to invest more in your business.